Calls for Artists

Call for Artists: 3D and Sculptural Art for SRAC's Corporate Arts Program

Snake On Wheels by Ken Richardson from Metamorphosis 2017

The Springfield Regional Arts Council (SRAC) is looking for 3D and sculpture artists to submit their work to be part of the Corporate Art Program: Structure Gallery. Artworks of interest include but are not limited to: glass, ceramics, metals, wood, and mixed media which can be functional or fine art decorative pieces.

Call for Artists: Speak Freely

MAY 4-12, 2018

Speak Freely

Is there a policy, law or societal norm that you don’t agree with? If so, this is your chance to express your views in a gallery setting. Drury on C-Street Gallery is hosting an exhibition of political art and the venue will be designed in the style of a “modern” speakeasy to represent the prohibition era’s idea that anything can be changed if members of society speak freely with a collective voice.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Monday, April 9, 2018

Call for Artists: Illness of Mentality

APRIL 6-27, 2018

Illness of Mentality

This exhibition will explore mental illness through art. It can be hard to understand what having a mental illness is like if you ‘ve never experienced one yourself. This exhibition seeks to educate viewers about various mental illnesses by encouraging artists to explore how they are affected by these disorders.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Monday, March 12, 2018

This exhibition will take place April 6-27, 2018

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Drury on C-Street Gallery

Call for Artists: Synesthesia of Song

MARCH 2-30, 2018

Synesthesia of Song

We are seeking visual works that are representations or interpretations inspired by a song or album. The works of art can be interpretations the artist believes the song entitles or even a story about the song. Please reference which song or album has been the catalyst for the work submitted.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Monday, February 12, 2018

This exhibition will take place March 2-30, 2018

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Drury on C-Street Gallery

Call for Artists: Do You See Who I See?

FEBRUARY 2-23, 2018

Do You See Who I See?

This exhibition will explore self-identity based on: cultural, ethnicity, sex, race, gender, or nationality. How do you identify yourselves? Do you feel others identify you in another way? We invite artists to share who they are and how that recognition of self may be similar to or differ from their feelings of the community in which they live.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Friday, January 12, 2018

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Drury on C-Street Gallery

Call for Artists: Visual Artist Alliance at JKHH, Jan 2018

Where: Juanita K Hammons Hall

When: January 5th, 10 a.m.

What: No theme to this show.

How: We will show you how.

Number of enteries: VAAS artist can hang three pictures.

Remember, the production Sound of Music will be preformed during January at the facility. Your art will be seen by hundreds of people.

Prizes are as usual $100 first-place; second-place and third-place are $50; and honorable mention is $25.

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Juanita K. Hammons Hall