Featured Artists for October

Lea Dingman


With the first touch of the brush, the very first movement, I felt a piece of me had been returned, a peace that completed me. It was such a welcomed gift from God to hold a brush, to touch canvas and to make a mess in the paints with ease. I pray daily for beyond my wildest dreams in the gifts and that paints and pens will be close at my final breath. I am so thankful to be here today to see my life unfold in color.

Phone: 417-631-7392

Email: paintingsandpoetrybylea@gmail.com

Commissions accepted.


Linda Kirchner


A lifetime of jigsaw puzzles, travel and geometry combine to create Linda Kirchner’s unique art. As she works jigsaw puzzles, Linda focuses on subtle color changes, noting a myriad of shades of green, brown, gold and yellow in one tree, for example. Add in her love of travel and a variety of topics from both urban and rural settings find their way to her work. Twenty-eight years of teaching geometry brings in a playful obsession with parallel lines, polygons, arcs and circles. Her abstract art emerges as she lets the angles and curves create a new world. So, numerous color changes, a wide range of topics and boundless shapes produce a stained glass effect that will dance from her canvas into your heart!

Phone: 417-861-5004

Email: lkmom4@gmail.com

Commissions accepted.