Cardboard Chronicles

Christians in Visual Arts (CIVA) hosts an exhibit featuring paintings by Rudolph Bostic, an "outsider" artist who lives in Savannah, Georgia. He is a self-taught folk artist who paints scenes inspired by Biblical stories. It is entitled "Cardboard Chronicles" - as the name implies he uses very humble materials such as cardboard for his "canvases". This exhibit will run from May 5- June 21 at All Saints Church on Galloway.

Painting "Brush Up" with Alicia Farris

Keep those brushes wet and those creative juices flowing with bi-weekly “Brush-Up” classes! All adults who have taken one or more SRAC watercolor or acrylic workshops from Alicia are welcome to participate in any or all Brush-Up sessions, where Alicia will provide a set-up to paint, demonstrate a technique, or provide time to work on personal painting projects. Students benefit from one-on-one instruction and critique, as well as group critiques, in order to continue to develop personal painting styles.

2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month

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The Creamery Arts Center

Let the Color Take You: The Art of Stephanie Cramer

Opening Night is March 3, 2017 from 6–10pm at Obelisk Home

Show runs through end of March

“Color is the first thought before the brush hits the canvas. Blue is what soothes the soul, red adds spice, a wide swish begins the movement. Let the color take you… Go forward… Make a mark. Leave enough room for you to wonder. Let the color rush over you. Breathe.”

—Stephanie Cramer

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Obelisk Home