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Deborah Wilson currently resides in Springfield, Missouri. She holds a B.S. in Education (art major / psychology minor). However, she feels that she really learned to paint while on the job as an illustrator. She was privileged to work with a group of extremely talented artists who took the time to share their skills with her. Now, Deborah, as an art teacher, passes it forward to other artists, and shares her years of experience and specialized art techniques with her students. Deborah has illustrated multiple children’s and adult books, periodicals, visual aids and commercial packaging designs for various publishers and companies across the USA. She has exhibited in galleries in Missouri, Montana and Hawaii. And, she has experience working as an art teacher in both public and private schools.

Although watercolors are her specialty, Deborah is proficient in many mediums – oils, acrylics, graphite, colored pencils, ink, and pastels. She also does sculpting and mold making techniques, and assorted metalworking and jewelry making.

As an art teacher, Deborah finds fulfillment in teaching artists of every level – from beginners to those who want to perfect their art techniques. She provides art education to home schooled groups and enrichment to those in the public school system. Her adult classes are designed around the interests and level of each student. Deborah’s goal is to help each student grow and acquire the skills to fulfill their own dreams and passions..

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I have always believed that our art reveals our soul.  I find that I cannot paint just for the purpose of recording what I see.  It has to have touched me in some way or have a deeper meaning.  Many of my paintings have hidden images or words camouflaged in such a way that you will not notice them unless you are studying the work closely.  This evolved naturally in my work as a reflection of what I was finding in life:  there is more than what meets the eye - in everything!  I research hidden things in the Bible, the roots of my faith, ancestral roots, world events, and natural methods of healing.  I found myself subconsciously rewarding those who take the time to look and really "see" what I'm saying through the artwork. 

All that said, I'm very simple.  I love my family, walking in the woods, dangling my feet off a boat dock, my beautiful standard poodles, and sharing things that I've learned along the way.

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