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  First and foremost I am a seeker of beauty, beauty in the discards and imperfections, beauty in the process and the journey.  I want to share how I see things in hopes that others can change or realize a new perspective.

  I come from the world of garment production and have extensive apparel industry experience spanning 20+ years and encompassing nearly all parts of the globe.  I began my career in the early 1990s in San Francisco during the children’s wear boom. From there, I spent the greatest portion of my career in New York City, designing clothing lines for everyone from Puma to Dollhouse.  Currently, I reside in Springfield Missouri working as a Product Specialist, Men’s Designer and Technical Designer for Bass Pro Shops.

  In addition to having a successful career in design, I am also a Women’s Fashion Designer (heidiherrman.com) selling to private clients nationally, focusing on the modernization of vintage dressmaker styles. I look to ethnic dress and artisanal fabrics (African wax prints, Japanese double gauzes, etc.) to create uniquely feminine styles inspired by the decades of the 40s, 50s and 60s.

My fashions have been featured on multiple runway shows in both New York and Kansas City. My work has also been featured and highlighted in:

o Nelson Atkins Museum and Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art Museum Stores

o Vintage KC Magazine, Fashion Spread and featured designer, Spring 2016

o KC Magazine (This is KC), Cover and feature article, September 2015

o KC Historic Garment District Museum Exhibition, the Kansas City Icon Collection was the museums first modern apparel

exhibit, May-July 2016

o The Kansas City Star – Feature Story, May 2016

o Kansas City Star Pavilion, Featured Exhibition by special invitation of the Publisher,

Tony Berg, October 2016-October 2017

o Fox 4 Morning Show in conjunction with Kansas City Fashion Week, September 2015

o Kansas City Fashion Week Billboard-Featured Designer, September-October 2015

o Darling 04’ Fashion Show, featuring Heidi Herrman and Cattle Press Leather

Accessories, 2004, Brooklyn (designed and produced by Heidi Herrman)

o Footwear Plus, Fashion Spread, January 2005, NYC

   With all of my previous successes and challenges I came to a creative crossroads in 2018 and decided to explore my artistic voice more extensively with a fine art emphasis.  Currently I am exploring many mediums and processes in the realm of textile-inspired surface design. My work and works in progress can be seen on Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/heidiherrman/



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  I am profoundly inspired by texture, discards and what lies beneath the surface.  My primary art form has been in fashion design and the production of apparel.  With that I am intrigued with hand stitched mark making and mixing garment construction concepts and compositions with a variety of mediums, including cloth assemblage, oil, acrylic and encaustic, to create surfaces that are both engaging and poetic.

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