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Born in Robinsdale, Minnesota, Jessie recently retired from the Army.  Jessie is a multiple award-winning producer/director/writer (winning both a Telly at the national level and 2 Addy’s, locally. Jessie has exhibited his art in such places as Phoenix AZ., Omaha NE., Springfield MO, Eureka Springs AR., and as far away as Kuwait.  Jessie was selected by the city of Springfield as one of the artists to display his sculpture titled “Wrench in the Works” for the first Springfield Sculpture Walk.  Jessie’s “Chromatic Pop” series has been received in the art community with a fantastic response! The media has helped get his name and talents known in Springfield. Jessie has been asked to speak at various Art Guilds and now gives workshops in his techniques. Able to work in wood, clay, metal, oil, acrylic, water color, and print making; Jessie is a versatile artist. Jessie did attend Phoenix Community College in the mid 80’s studying visual communications and MSU after leaving the Army is 2014.


I am an award winning artist with representation by several galleries. I was inducted into the USVAA (United States Veterans Art Association) in March  2018.  I am primarily self taught in the fine arts, although I did study Visual Communications at Phoenix Community College and took a few classes after my military retirement at MSU. I was one of the first artists to have a sculpture in Springfield's First Sculpture walk. I taught cartooning in the mid 80's at Phoenix Community College and later turned my artistic talents to designing plush animals and sporting accessories. By 1985 I was publishing and distributing a local newspaper in Phoenix until I was offered a Marketing Directors position with a large chain of clothing stores. When I moved to Springfield I purchased A local Magazine call Ozark's Bride and a Tuxedo store. In 2006 I when back into military service until I retired in 2014 and went back to my first love art.

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At the risk of alienating myself from all other artist, I do not believe in trying to impress the viewer by creating a Zen philosophy of how I go about creating a piece of work, through a deep holistic trance, in order to express my life experiences. If my work evokes an emotion within the viewer, then I have done my job.  The truth is; I paint because it makes me happy and the subject inspired me at that specific moment in time to encapsulate that beauty.  When viewing a breath taking vista, a piece of art, or anything you revere because of its visual appeal, just enjoy the beauty and don't dissect or analyze why it’s beautiful, just know that it is.  To sit and analyze or dissect a piece of work takes away from the true gift which is the natural beauty.  I am not going to insult your intelligence by creating some string of confusing double-talk verbiage to make you believe that behind the canvas sits a temperamental genius.  There are no back stories and no sub-contextual meanings.  My art does not require a narrator.

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