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I'm a Missouri guy, have lived and taught all over the state for years. My website has some info, but it's tricky to put it all down in one spot. For example, I speak a bit of Chinese and hope to go back to study calligraphy in Hangzhou next year. Also hope to go back to Vietnam on a personal mission of peace and reconciliation. I got involved in oral history work through journalism. Finding ways to tell peoples' stories fascinates me.

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I've been doing freelance writing on environmental and Ozark subjects, Oral History Projects, and Oral History based performances for over 30 years. My character is one Stub Borders - real person, tie hacker, general trouble maker who lived in the Ozarks for much of his life. I am available for performance, presentations on oral history, Ozark rivers, Henry Rowe Schoolcraft and his trek through the Ozarks and more.