Allen A. St-Onge

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Initially an amateur cartoonist, Allen began serious artistic training in 2000 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  Not limiting himself to a single media, he quickly demonstrated skill in drawing and painting with graphite, colored pencil, and acrylic.   Since his first solo exhibition of unique life drawings in July 2004, his work has been displayed in various galleries and shows in Canada and Missouri, and is in collections in both Canada and the United States.  Both a studio and plein air artist, his favorite subject matter continues to be landscapes, especially the Franklin Islands located in the Georgian Bay area of Lake Huron, and the human form.  His recent studio work has reflected a departure from his more serious work, that being paintings of teddy bear collections that will take anyone back to their childhood and to the comfort that a simple toy can provide a small child. 

Allen is a recently retired Colonel from the Canadian Air Force.  He now resides in Springfield, Missouri, is a co-owner of Quayle’s Nest Studio with his wife Cindy and is slowly discovering the wonderful plein air locations in Southwest Missouri and Northern Arkansas.

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