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I am a native of Kansas, transplanted in Springfield at the age of one.  I loved art as a child and have always been drawn to the beauty of nature. I graduated from MSU with a degree in Education and an art major. My career in education spanned 35 years. During those years, I taught junior high and high school art, later became an elementary principal and retired from my career in 2007 after nine years as Director of Schools.  

Since retiring, I have had the privilege of serving as “Artist in Residence” for the Springfield Regional Arts Council. In this capacity, I have visited 117 schools in Southwest Missouri where I have shared an “art in action” experience with over 35,000 children.

My husband and I have four grown children and four delightful grandchildren. We make our home in southeast Springfield. I work primarily in acrylic or oil and find my inspiration in nature. I work in my studio and in Plein air and enjoy painting landscape and still life subjects. It is my great pleasure and privilege to have the opportunity to pursue my love of painting and hope that others find some measure of enjoyment in my work.

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I believe that God gives each of us great gifts to enjoy on our life journey. Our challenge is to identify these gifts, use them in positive ways, and share them with others. My artwork is a celebration of one of these God given gifts. It is my hope that sharing this gift brings some level of joy to my fellow travelers.

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