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Self taught artist...I love living in the Ozarks...I have lived in Missouri since 1971. I grew up in St Louis moving to Springfield in 2004. I have been extremely blessed with many talents that hadn't come to fruition until after I started carving in 2004...I started by carving wood, Eggs, Horns, Antlers...moving onto Scrimshaw and wood burning...Chainsaw carving name logs and address logs...and entering the metal engraving...It's been a very interesting journey and will take us all into the future...

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  • Member - Springfield Regional Arts Council
  • Member - Ozarks Whittler's and Woodcarver's
  • Member - International Egg Artists Guild
  • Member - World Egg artists Assoc.

Engraving class by Jim Downing 

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Leaving my mark in this world.

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