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Carol & Joan
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Chappell & Gentry
Carol Chappell and Joan Gentry

Carol Chappell and Joan Gentry began making art together after retiring from the Springfield School System.  During their tenure as teachers at what was then Study Junior High, Chappell and Gentry collaborated on projects combining art and science concepts.  After retiring, they formed a team, CJ ART, and began working together.  Their works have included canvas floor cloths, redefined art furniture and, at present, mixed media sculptures.  Both women have always had an interest in creating art from items that have been discarded and, in particular, the furniture and mixed media sculptures are representations of that interest.  Their works have been shown and sold at Waverly House, Good Girl Art and private showings.  Some of their pieces have found homes in places as far away as Arizona, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and New York.

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Carol Chappell and Joan Gentry share a common interest and concern about the environment. They use recycled objects to create works of art which may be whimsical, humorous, elegant, nostalgic, or that make a social statement. According to Chappell and Gentry, part of the challenge of working with recycled materials is to be able to see and use these items in a totally new way.