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I have illustrated professionally for many, many years for clients including Dynamic Graphics, Sears, Borden, Tyson, and many others. I have traditionally drawn pencil sketches, pen & ink line art, and watercolor & mixed media final art. I currently work in Photoshop CC using a wacom cintiq for fully digital illustration.

I have also taught art to children for seven years- ages kindergarten through high school level- as a public school art teacher.

I have a love for curves and hand drawn letters.

I have a dream to make art for children.

I have a hope to work with you.

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Here are the ingredients contained within my style: Art Nouveau. Dr. Seuss. Thomas Hart Benton. Aubrey Beardsley. Robert Crumb. Wes Wilson. Eric Pervukhin. 1960s & 70s pop culture. Tim Burton. Children's books. Old photographs. MC Escher. Joseph Cornell. Jan Svankmajer. Flannery O' Connor. Mark Twain. Willow Trees. Grandpa's Cabin. Floating on the Finley river. Growing a beautiful garden. The sweetness and heartache of childhood memories. The longing to be understood. A deep and abiding loneliness. The way an apple tastes outdoors. Lying in grass looking up at blue sky & white clouds. Being far from a city and looking up to the moon and billions of stars. Music- so much music... And Eric. And my sweet Nolah Pearl. All swirling around and pouring out again from an imperfect but well-intentioned vessel.

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