Donna Rustin

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I have enjoyed many forms of art.  I began working in clay around 25 years ago and created hand built sculptures.  I also occasionally paint and write, but my passion is assemblage art which I have been doing  for the past several years.  I love the thrill of the hunt for strange and unusual objects to use in my pieces.

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My art represents a past of childhood abuse, addiction, and a life long struggle with mental illness.  Trying to put things together over time, piece by piece with much thought and reflection until each piece fits precisely where I want it.  It  is much easier in art than in life.  Art and life are one and the same to me.  I hide things in my pieces as things about myself  are still hidden in me, hopefully to be discovered.  Putting a piece together takes a lot of time, just like putting a life back together.  My time is spent searching for all those pieces in art and in life.

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