Elaine Willig

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I am an "Art Jewelry" maker. I use rocks, faceted precious- and semi-precious gemstones. I do much processing of rock: cutting, shaping, polishing and setting of stone.  I design, cut, and solder using 14K GF & 92.5 sterling wire and sheet metal. I do use some brass, copper, and metal focals, as well as beads, findings and found objects. Mostly I make my own clasps and ear-wires. I "up-use", re-purpose, and re-invent uses for non-jewelry items. I also use some ready-made vintage settings. I do custom design work and repair for Native American pieces also.

Artist statement

My idea for a piece of jewelry when it is worn is that it should escape notice by the wearer. Jewelry is only an accent to help showcase the personality and style of the one wearing it. The observer can view the overall affect of the decoration and see the style of its owner. Jewelry is quite personal and helps reveal facets of the person wearing it. Consider the statement, “That looks just like Linda,” which is often used when buying a gift. Jewelry reveals character. Appreciate it and love yourself. I design on many levels. I begin with a feeling or mental picture. I embrace it and breathe it… then color becomes the defining step or theme and helps me arrange stones in ways which show the energy of the original feeling…

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