Gwendolyn Bond

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Blue Dragon Artworks

Though I studied art at SMSU in the early 70's, I ended up in the blood banking business for nearly 28 years.  One morning I woke up, felt as though life was just passing by and it was time to make a statement.  I wanted to paint.  While searching the internet, I found lineart on a website, enlarged it to 18 x 24 and started my journey.  I couldn't stop; it was so enjoyable to create my own special worlds of elves, fairies and many blue dragons (with an occasional green one).  It reminded me of my youth--searching the woods for mythical creatures.  Now over a year later, I have completed over 30 paintings, many given away as gifts.  Friends and family thought I should share.

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I love how a tiny line applied to a smile or eyebrow or how one speck of color can change the whole perspective of a painting.

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