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John Whytock has been a professional artist since 1979. His award winning fine art has shown in galleries from New York City to San Francisco. In his studio and on-site he has painted murals for hotels, casinos, and private parties throughout the world.

John started his career as a self taught pen and ink artist. His portfolio then gained him steady work in illustration. In the old world tradition John served a seven year apprenticeship – two years as an in-house illustrator, and five years in a mural studio, becoming principal artist in both establishments. Though not formally trained he mentored under graduates of the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago. In 1986 he ventured out on his own winning a mural competition for Mission San Juan Capistrano. In the competitive world of art in Las Vegas in the 1990’s he was awarded over 150 commissions. He continued to paint and show fine art during this time. In 2011 he began numerous long term commissions, including two museums. He finished these in December 2017 and has now returned to focusing on fine art.

Since his return to fine art in January of 2018 he has won numerous awards including: a “Bronze Medal in Oil Painters of America’s 2018 Eastern Regional Exhibition for “Calm Morning in Chioggia”; “Best Overall” and “Best Building” in Plein Air Salon’s June/July Bi-monthly Online Exhibition for “Calm Morning in Chioggia”; “Best Figure” in Plein Air Salon’s June/July Bi-monthly Online Exhibition for “Fair-Weather Friends” - to name a few. In addition, his work was published in the November 2018 issue of Plein Air Magazine.

John has begun offering classes and workshops in Springfield, Missouri. More info can be found by clicking HERE.

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~ Beauty, like truth, exists. And we, as human beings, have an almost divine capacity to recognize it. Art, for me, is an expression in paint of what my heart feels when my eyes are opened to the vast and amazing splendor of creation. In spite of the myriad struggles and changes on the path of a career artist, this one unchanging fact remains: I paint because if I didn't, my heart might explode. When a kindred spirit is touched while viewing my painting and feels that same infilling, that same indescribable longing and appreciation for our marvelous world, I consider that work a success. ~

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