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I began painting as a way to unwind from a stressful job.  I particularly enjoy painting landscapes.  I make my paintings because I like the feeling of creating an interpretation of what the subject looks like to me, with a watercolor point of view.  It signifies how I feel.  It evokes a sense of the subject matter to which the viewer can hopefully relate.  I use watercolors because I like the freedom of the medium and the aspect of unpredictability.  I want to entice the viewer to take away an impression of the scene and make a connection that is meaningful to them.

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I hope to show an appreciation of art by imaginative, creative and artistic content in my paintings. I feel that nature and the Ozarks area give me the inspiration to paint watercolors. I have shown art work at the Ozark Empire Fair, Missouri State Fair, Mama Jeans, Nearly Famous Deli, and other local venues, and numerous art shows around Missouri and Kansas.

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