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Big City Girl enjoying small town living. Born in KC KS raised in mid-west and graduated from PSU with BS in Secondary ED (art, English, phyc.) Lives in Carl Junction MO, owns Farmers Ins Agency and Urban Art Gallery in Joplin. My artworks represent Series, such as: Tuscany, Graffiti: Urban Art, Landscapes shown, Rust, and more. Show regularly in Crossroads First Fridays in KC MO, and occasionally in Springfield, MO.

Of interest: Started Artwalk in 2008 for Joplin, and runs and shows in First Thursday ArtWalk, March thru October, annually. Part of the 'Now Showing' in Public Places/ Corporate Spaces of ARTSKC.

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"The world of digital ....ENHANCED" In my photography, I feel compelled not to leave the image rest on the Kodak paper...I must take it to the next level and beyond... "Is it a watercolor? Oil painting? A lithograph?" they inquire. "No it is a result of a transition." as am that another grey hair in the mirror I see? Then I color it! Bring it to the level of beauty and add a bit of punch! In the digital process we upload the images on the computer and I see sometimes very naturally colorful images, but more often bland colorless, if not lifeless forms, that I recall gave me emotional impact upon seeing them, or I would not have taken the photo. So in recalling what I actually thought I saw, I often give them a bit of zip and sometimes more PUNCH! Often the images I start with speak to me and take on their own personalities and end up nothing in resemblance of where I began..that is the artist in me dying to overcome the photographer element! That is where the artist is in heaven! I am a trained artist that can do lithography, oil paint, and water color, but now chooses the camera as my art medium. I can get the end result much quicker but sometimes not as easy. It often takes on a life of its own. I hope you enjoy the images that were taken...or were they?

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