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L.K. Sukany is an Arkansas born multi-media artist currently residing in Springfield, MO. Sukany received her BFA in Printmaking from Missouri State University in 2005 and Master of Arts in Painting at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 2012. In 2003, she studied lithography abroad in Newfoundland, Canada. She has been a presentation participant in the 21st Arkansas College Art History Symposium (2011), and at the Arkansas Arts Center (2011). In 2015, Sukany's artwork was featured in the Arkansas Life "Best of 2015" issue. She recently finished serving on the Arkansas Arts Council Arts on Tour Roster for 2015-2016. When not creating art, L.K. enjoys spending time playing music with her spouse in their band The Damsels in Distress and going on adventures with their daughter and their giant schnauzer, Ein.

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