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Ron Markussen is a Pierce City native that relocated to Springfield mo. in 2014 when his beautiful wife Trish and him became empty nesters. Ron has always had a love for all things artistic including music, sculpture, paintings etc. Not being formally taught in the arts doesn’t stop him from trying to express himself. From woodworking to painting he is always looking for a way to let the light shine through. When trying to create he loves to play music in the background from classical to jazz and the blues to help the creative juices flow. When he isnt being creative he is fauning over his beautiful grandaughter Rylee. Family is most important in his life. His wife, his son and daughter-in-law are the reason he lives nad breathes. As a lover of the ocean he enjoys traveling to the carribean whenever he gets the chance. Snorkling and scuba are right up there with painting on the list of favoite things to do. He is not sure what the future holds and what new creative avenues he will go down but he is excited at the prospect!

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“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” Bob Ross

Being inspired is what cultivates a person to be an artist. Everyone needs a happy little tree in their life.

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