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I was born and raised in Houston, TX. I have been creative as long as I can remember, but not with painting. It was expressed through gardening, crochet, making jewelry and designing websites. In high school, I excelled in art, metal shop and wood shop; but, life pulled me in other directions and the creative side got pushed aside for a while. In January of 2010, over a glass of wine, my very dear friend, Teri Pearman, handed me a paintbrush and said "play." The next day, I went out and bought my own supplies.

From that point, there has been this steady stream of artwork. It’s like all of the creativity over the years that was not expressed is just flowing with no end in sight.

In "real life," I own a web design company, Pin Oak Web Designs, and have been designing websites since 1997. I have one son, Jason, and two grandsons, Jared and Jakob…both wonderful young men.

Please enjoy – I am!

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I paint to be creative, totally losing myself in the art as I paint, in the story it’s telling and how it connects with the viewer. I chose my focal point and let the story evolve. My musical art inspires people to play and my romantic paintings spark their desire to hug or kiss their partner. I see them look at my art and make their own stories.

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My medium is oil paint. Some pieces are staged in my art studio and some are created in Photoshop, then hand drawn on the canvas. I use Rule of Thirds & Golden Ratio as guides. My musical art inspires people to play; my romantic paintings spark their desire to hug or kiss their partner.

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