Food Vendor Application

We are pleased to invite you to apply as a food vendor for the Artsfest on Walnut Street on May 2 & 3, 2020. Artsfest on Walnut Street is the largest fine arts festival in Southwest Missouri, and is a wonderful opportunity for restaurants, caterers and food vendors to promote themselves to over 20,000 hungry people. Deadline to apply is March 13th, 2020.

Fees & Food Vendor Requirements

  • Booth Fee – check or money order made payable to the Springfield Regional Arts Council
    • $275 pushcart vendors
    • $350 vendors creating and selling food on site
    • $400 for main food court or food truck area
  • Certificate of Insurance
    • $1 million general liability
  • UPON ACCEPTANCE Temporary Food Event Permit – check or money order payable to the "Springfield-Greene County Health Dept."
    • $45 permit fee
    • Completed Temporary Food Event Permit submitted to Health Dept. by April 5, 2020

Food vendors are required to be on site and allow an adequate amount of time to set up and have the Springfield-Greene County Health Department inspect your food booth prior to the festival opening each day. Please review the Health Department’s application for a temporary food event. Upon acceptance into the festival, this form will need to be completed and submitted to the Health Department by April 5, 2020. If you have questions regarding the temporary food application, contact Laura or Lisa, Springfield-Greene County Health Department, at 417-864-1426 or 417-864-1693.

Food vendors also are required to provide a copy of his/her own Certificate of Insurance ($1 million general liability) from their business. The certificate needs to be mailed to the Downtown Springfield Association at 134 Park Central Square, Springfield, MO 65806, or faxed to 417-831-6217, by Friday, March 13, 2020.

Upon request, the Springfield Regional Arts Council will provide two tables and two chairs per vendor. Some food vendors will be located in the main food court or west food truck area, and some food vendors will be assigned to a 10' x 10' space on the street. Festival Management will determine whether your space will be located on the street or in the main food tent. If you use propane to cook, the fire department requires you to be in an individual 10' x 10' tent on the street. Approved food vendors are required to be present both days of the festival.

All food vendors are required to provide the following: paper towels, hand soap, dish soap, unscented sanitizer and sanitizer test strips.

No hot or cold drink concessions may be sold by any of the food vendors at any time during the festival. Failure to comply with this guideline will result in forfeiture of concession space at future Artsfest on Walnut Street festivals.

Acceptance Notification

Notification of acceptance will be emailed the first week of April at which time booth fees will be deposited. All fees will be returned to vendors who are not selected to participate. Please make sure you check your email account during this time – you are responsible for meeting all deadlines!


Submit the following by Friday, March 13, 2020:

  • The webform application (click here)
  • Payment by mail. Make check payable to "Springfield Regional Arts Council"
  • Certificate of Insurance by mail or fax (417-831-6217)

Apply Here.