Darin Tipling

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My story sounds like many others I've listened too.  I find it amazing the similarities in artist when we share our stories. 

I found Art & Photography was a talent I excel at.  The process provides relaxation releasing anxiety.  I have more ideas than I will ever be able to complete, but they still make the "To do List" just in case I choose to create it at some point (LOL).  I enjoy "Collaborations" with other artist and business's in and around the Springfield Missouri area.

I'm working to build new relationships getting to know local artists in art walks or gallery locations around town.  I use many mediums to share subjects I'm passionate about.  I strive for each piece to have its own language, where you relate your life in the art.  I love most hearing how my art work brings back memories you forgot, emotions you don't speak of, or a way to get lost relaxing and thinking in your head.  

Getting art into your hands one piece at a time.

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