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D.K. Cantrell  is a self taught emerging  Artist with an extensive background in Graphic Design. Working primarily in Acrylics she strives to capture the spirit of nature and show the interconnection between the subject and their surroundings.  Through her work using  light and color, shape and design, she creates a venue for her viewer to explore nature in more intricate detail than they would likely encounter while strolling through the woods. Dorene grew up in the Ozarks walking the trails along the rivers and streams near her home. She developed an affinity for nature and at a young age started sketching the world around her.  Her goal in creating this body of work is to lift the spirit and foster a greater appreciation for the natural world that surrounds us all.

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"Art is a Dance between Light & Color, Shape & Design. I Try to Bring to the Canvas Not Only What I See With My Eyes, but What I See With My Imagination." - Dorene Cantrell

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