Stephen Craig

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               Hi I'm Stephen! I am a Springfield native.I have been shooting photography for over 7 years now. Behind the camera is where I learn and am at my best. I take much inspiration from film and the directors who work in it.I also take a lot of inspiration of the surroundings. I am currently living in Tulsa right now. But check out my website for my Photography works. 

Artist statement

This is my personal philosophy of who I am as a photographer.

"I believe in creating work that will be looked at as moments in time.My goal is to invoke a wide range of emotions from you the viewer. My work is a reflection of how I see the world around me as I live in it. My thoughts,feelings and desires are in my photos. My work to me is something I never would like to profit off of. Because taking photographs has never been about money.First and foremost it is always about the art and the constant change in the medium and the world itself."


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