Educational Art Kits

Educational Art Kits

The Springfield Regional Art Council extends their educational reach by providing kits at no charge to educate students across the area on famous artists and their different styles. Each Art Kit consists of educational material for students to learn about a particular artist or art style.

Each Kit Includes: Information about the artist and an example of their work, Instructions on how to create a piece inspired by the artist, a supply list, and story or suggested complementary story about the art style.

Supplies for individual student projects are not included.

If you are interested in checking out one of the Art Kits, please contact Rachel Johnson at 417-862-2787 or .

Educational Art Project
Andy Warhol Printmaking

Art Kits Available:

PreK- Second Grade:

  • Claude Monet Water Lilies paintings
  • Piet Mondrian Animals Eric Carle Spiders
  • Wayne Thiebaud Ice Cream Cones
  • Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers
  • Aboriginal Bark Paintings
  • Andy Warhol Hand Printmaking
  • Henri Matisse Collage
  • Jackson Pollock Yarn Painting
  • Jasper Johns Flag
  • Recycled Printmaking


Third Grade-Fifth Grade:

  • Georgia O’Keeffe Flowers
  • Paul Klee Abstract Alphabet
  • Picasso Self-Portraits
  • Alexander Calder Beaded Wire Fish Mobile
  • Gustav Klimt Trees
  • Aboriginal Bark Paintings*
  • Abstract Collaborative Painting*
  • Jasper Johns Flag*
  • Pop Art Onomatopoeia*
  • Radial Symmetry Relief Paper Sculpture*
  • Recycled Printmaking*


*could be adapted for 6th-8th grade students as well.

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