Springfield Little Theatre Presents: College Auditions and Applications Preparatory Course

College Bound

This series of four classes will focus on equipping high school students with the knowledge of how best to prepare for college theatre program auditions and applications. Representatives from various institutions will visit to shed some light into what their schools are looking for in an incoming student and to provide audition and application preparation advice including:

Tips On Getting Organized
Structuring Essays
Identifying the Recommenders That Can Make A Difference
Showcasing Extra-Curricular Activities
Selecting Material
Refining Songs and Monologues
Gaining Confidence
Practicing Auditioning
Developing Articulate Interviewing Skills for The Conversation After The Audition
Providing Image Recommendations or “What to Wear”
Most importantly, coordinating each aspect of the application to tell one cohesive, compelling narrative of the student’s BEST SELF

The course will culminate with a mock audition, interview and constructive feedback beginning at 4:00 p.m. Friday, May 31 for a panel of artists and academics.

The College Auditions and Applications Preparatory Course will be held at the SLT Education Facility, 237 South Florence Avenue.

Tuesday, May 28-Friday, May 31, 1:00-4:00 p.m.

For High School Students

Tuition: $120
(25% Sibling Discount available after registering a first high school student at full price. 15% Discount available for a current or incoming SLT Pre-Professional Track student. Please contact a SLT Education Registrar to register at a discounted rate.)


SpringfieldLittleTheatre.org or 413-ACTS

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