Concerts and Conversations: Voter Engagement

Community Concerts and Conversations

Concerts and Conversations returns to address red flags in our community in a safe, welcoming environment.

In January live music will be paired with facilitated conversation about voter engagement and inclusion issues in Springfield. This event will address the question, what barriers exist in Springfield that prevent all of our community from being engaged civically? The conversation will be facilitated by League of Women Voters and volunteers of the GLO Center.
The event is free and open to the public. We hope you will share your story.

These events intend to provide a safe space where artists and community members feel welcome and empowered to engage in a dialogue about issues that affect our lives, while incorporating art and music as an extension of that self-expression. Our goal is to empower our community members and equip them with the ability to discuss and address these community issues in their art studios, music performances, and daily lives. We see this project as a direct extension of the Springfield Regional Arts Council’s mission: “to transform lives and enrich our community through the arts.” By activating artists and arts spaces as safe spaces for diverse voices to be heard, we can begin to lead the charge of inclusivity being a priority in our community.

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Rachel Johnson

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