A Place Called HOME: Afriky Lolo West African Dance & Drum Troupe

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A Place Called HOME is a non profit organization that addresses the needs of abandoned and orphaned children in Sierra Leone, West Africa. We believe that we are all part of a Global Family and that together we can create communities that are capable of miracles. We strive to strengthen families, nurture the abandoned and orphaned as if our own, empower women, and support and build communities through love and friendship. As a participant of this event,  you will be supporting some of the worlds most vulnerable children.  Come be part of the solution. Join us in Sierra Leone. Visit us at http://www.aplacecalled-home.org/

Afriky Lolo is a West African dance non profit, and was founded and led by Diádié Bathily. Diádié is a master dancer from the Cote d’Ivoaire, West Africa. He immigrated to the United States in 1998.  Afriky Lolo performances are choreographed, staged, costumed, and directed by Diádié. These performances reflect the rich culture of West Africa and each dance performed is enhanced by traditional West African Costumes. Feel free to visit their website at http://www.afrikylolo.org/

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