Acting Seminar with Michael Joiner

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ACTORS! COMEDIANS! MODELS! ATHLETES! Are you ready when Hollywood calls? This Acting Seminar will teach you: 

  • How to get cast in Hollywood films from anywhere in the USA
  • What to expect if you move to LA
  • How to make your Acting Reel and Headshot stand out
  • Audition and Role Prep secrets from the OSCAR winners
  • How Michael Joiner got his son a Guest Starring role on "HOUSE".



Star of SONY Pictures  THE GRACE CARD and BROKEN FAITH ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Actor (and Comedian) Michael Joiner, star of Sony Pictures "The Grace Card" and PureFlix's "Heaven Bound" as well as over a dozen feature films will be sharing some of the most coveted "secrets" he learned while living in Hollywood, CA. While in LA, Michael private coached with Hollywood's most in demand "A" list acting teachers. Michael went on over 350 Hollywood auditions landing dozens of TV, Film and commercial roles. Since his",  breakout starring role in Sony Pictures "The Grace Card", where he became the only actor in history to receive rave reviews for a faith based film in both The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, Michael has been cast in over a dozen more films as star or co-star, all without so much as an audition from his home in Kansas City, MO. Michael will share with you how he was able to get to that coveted position as an actor, along with many other nuggets of acting wisdom in both the business and creative end to help give you that "edge" you need in this very competitive industry. 

Hosted by Casting Director and Acting Coach, Jonna Volz (Green Glass Casting and Acting For Real)

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