Call for Artists: 3D and Sculptural Art for SRAC's Corporate Arts Program

Snake On Wheels by Ken Richardson from Metamorphosis 2017

The Springfield Regional Arts Council (SRAC) is looking for 3D and sculpture artists to submit their work to be part of the Corporate Art Program: Structure Gallery. Artworks of interest include but are not limited to: glass, ceramics, metals, wood, and mixed media which can be functional or fine art decorative pieces.

The Corporate Art Program: Structure Gallery, focuses on building relationships between the SRAC’s artist members and local businesses. Submitted images of artwork will be added to the SRAC’s Artist Catalog, presented to businesses with options to lease or purchase. Prices of art are kept confidential and only given upon request of the purchaser. Inclusion in the SRAC’s Artist Catalog is a benefit of membership and gives opportunities to be viewed by interested parties. The SRAC receives a 25% commission on works sold.

While 3D and sculptural works are a current area of interest for the SRAC’s Artist Catalog, all visual mediums are accepted.

If you would like to be part of the Artist Catalog please submit (to

  • Up to 25 Images with moderate to high resolution
  • Images with titles on each JPEG
  • The following information for each piece:
    • Title
    • Medium
    • Size in inches
    • Price (incl. the 25% SRAC commission)
    • Display (Is art on canvas or board, framed or unframed?)

If you have any questions regarding being part of the SRAC’s Structure Gallery or the Corporate Art Program, please contact Avery Parrish at .