Seasons greetings! Give the gift of arts education

Joe Malesky's Alone in the Crowd as SRAC staff
Joe Malesky's "Alone in the Crowd" dressed as SRAC staff.
photo by Keaton Gotheridge

Seasons greetings! Thank you for supporting the arts in our community.
Please consider a year-end donation to support the SRAC's arts education programs.

Dear friend,

Leslie Forrester
Leslie Forrester
Executive Director

Arts education matters. Studies continue to show the tangible impact of arts education on the lives of students. For example, students who participate in the arts at school are more likely to attend school regularly and score higher on standardized tests*. 

Measurable outcomes are important, but I believe that even more crucial are the intangibles, the things we can’t measure. The soft skills, like problem solving, self-confidence, and a strong work ethic are learned through the arts. Preparing our young ones for adulthood starts in the classroom with markers and safety scissors. With learning about swirly lines and straight lines. With exploring colors and textures. With an instrument and a ballet barre. 

In the four years that I’ve been at the SRAC, it has been refreshing watching students come through our programs. These young Picassos and Kahlos begin a program like Mini Monet or Arts in the Park Summer Workshops a little skeptical. By the end of the semester, they’ve grown 10 feet in confidence and pride. Discovering a previously unknown talent, finding that very first success is a transformative experience for anyone, especially a young one just discovering the world for the first time. 

Our programs provide high quality teachers, supplies, and the space to learn and grow. Your year-end gift will allow us to continue providing these life-changing experiences to more than 6,000 students (and growing) every year. Your gift means we can provide more art supplies, hire more art instructors, and reach more students. Come be a part of the success story. Make your year-end, tax deductible gift of any size today. 

Leslie Forrester
Executive Director

P.S. Here is an example of poetry written by Valencia, age 12, from this summer’s Arts in the Park Summer Workshop program.  

“Blank Space”

All my life there was a blank space
And as my life go on 
You always make a hole in my heart
And as I sleep there will always be 
A blank space.

*Arts Education Still Makes a Difference in Missouri Schools, Missouri Alliance for Arts Education 2015

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