Call for Artists: Midtown Carnegie Branch Library

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Call for Artists: The Springfield Regional Arts Council is seeking artists to supply five or more canvases to be installed in the Midtown Library.

Project Description

For this project, artists are asked to supply five or more canvases which will be installed in the Midtown Library for three months. Each piece will be displayed in a different room. These rooms include: an upstairs community room, a teen room, a children’s room, a reading room, and a basement meeting room. Artists are encouraged to submit new pieces created within the past two years. Each room may hold more than once piece, but all pieces per room must fit within the dimensions: 38-40” H x 90-96” W, larger scale pieces are preferred. Location of each canvas can be decided by the artist. Canvases are shown on a three-month rotation. The Springfield Regional Arts Council is looking for enough artists to cover a whole a year worth of rotations.

Deadline for next rotation: May 1, 2018
Exhibition start of next rotation: June 1, 2018

Submission Process

Submissions should be emailed to Please include images of each piece, dimensions, titles, value, and artist contact information. Each submission must have a minimum of five pieces. New works made between this call and the opening of the show may be considered if they are stylistically similar to example pieces previously submitted.

Contact Information
The Creamery Arts Center
411 N. Sherman Pkwy, Springfield, MO 65802

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