Art in our City: Zone 3 Opens

Art in our City

Springfield, Missouri is home to a vibrant artistic community. This exhibition, located in Avant Art the Museum's flexible social gallery, highlights and celebrates the creativity of our community focusing on artists living and working in the many neighborhoods that make up our city. This exhibition not only concentrates on the artists on display but also their neighborhoods and what it means to live and work creatively in Springfield. 

The exhibit rotates every six months; the third exhibition features work by seven artists (Josh Mayfield - Josh Mayfield ArtMadeline Brice - Madeline Brice ArtDonna RustinJoel Wolverton, Lauren Sukany, Steven Brown, and Carl Glasemeyer) from four neighborhoods (West CentralPhelps Grove NeighborhoodUniversity Heights Neighborhood Association, Springfield Missouri, and Mark Twain) located in City Council Zone 3 and will run through March 17, 2019. Free and open to the public.

Location map