Music Becomes Impulse for Springfield Artists: Doug Erb

Music becomes impulse for local artists

written by ed peaco

At different points in their careers, Picasso and Braque used musical instruments as subject matter for their still-life works. For Mondrian and Pollock, music seemed to be a catalyst for creating something new and energetic.

Local artists unfold how music inspires their art.

Doug Erb finds inspiration from not just sound but also the visual byproducts.

Sherry Haney turns around the inspiration equation. She works to inspire art lovers to play music.

For drummer Ryan Fannin, the music of his rock band SALT inspires him to create multimedia stage designs for their performances and promo visuals.

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Doug Erb

Popular culture, art, comics and music, especially the visual side of music: these pursuits have been constant for most of Doug Erb’s life. Seeing and handling a vinyl record presents as much inspiration as the music, he said. The genre is much less important than the quality of the music.

“I’m inspired by the gamut of everything involved in creating music — hearing it and what’s behind it,” Doug said. “What inspires the musician? I take what I’m presented with, song, visuals, cultural aspects, then attempt to show my reaction or personal spin on it (as his art).”

At his home studio, he presented the 2016 Imagine Concert poster based on a famous photo of an ecstatic fan responding to the Beatles. Doug manipulated the photo. Creating an illustration, adding rainbow hair and changing the message on the sign — re-envisioning the source.

In another kind of inspiration, he created a sticker for the loud, raw-and-ragged rock ’n’ roll of the local band Thee Fine Lines.

He showed embellished album covers — Beatles, Rush, Kenny Rogers. “I’ve been taking album covers and kind of defacing them, making them my own — graffiti. They’re funny and they’re kind of insightful and it gives my perspective of how I might see the Beatles or other musical act. Put it in my own personal context.”

Imagine 2016 poster

Look for an Aretha Franklin piece in the “Inspired by Music” exhibit.

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