SCT Presents: "Anything Behind Me"

Springfield Contemporary Theatre

ANYTHING BEHIND ME (Missouri Solo Play Festival)

Written and performed by Bryant Turnage, Directed by David Rice 
"Take your time, look around, see what grabs you - what you can't live without. May change your life." The humorous and touching Anything Behind Me tells the story of a young man that runs off to join a carnival, discovering that the exciting life on the road isn't as magical as he originally thought and that sometimes the best prizes are those just out of reach... sometimes. SCT is excited to bring this original solo piece written and performed by area actor Bryant Turnage to the stage. World Premiere.

SCT's CENTER STAGE at Wilhoit Plaza

Postal: 431 S Jefferson #136

GPS: 302 E Pershing St

Springfield, MO

$20 - $22
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