Springfield Little Theatre Presents: Lily Plants A Garden


FEBRUARY 7-10, 2019

by José Cruz González

Frank and Lois Wuluman live in a wukastle and love to howl at a three full-moon night. You see, Frank and Lois Wulu-man are wulumans, those not-so-scary beasts that live in Wululand. One day, the couple discovers an infant girl left on their doorstep. They instantly fall in love with her and adopt her. Everything is perfect about the child except for one itsy-bitsy problem. Lily is a Zobeing, the mortal enemies of the Wulu-mans. Long ago, the Wululanders and Zobe-ings were friends. They all had something they needed from one another: the Wulu-landers had wuludirt and the Zobeings had bluzulu seeds. But now they’ve been waging war for centuries, though they can’t remember how or why they became such mortal enemies. Into this world filled with intolerance and ignorance comes Lily, a child of both cultures, who, through imagination and optimism, helps create a healing sanctuary out of the rubble of war. An inspiring and timely allegory about a child who brings hope to troubled times.

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