Springfield Little Theatre Presents: Blow Ye Winds Blow


FEBRUARY 28 – MARCH 3, 2019

by Eli Cunningham

Life at the orphanage is pretty dull for Johnny King. He spends most days staring out the window and dreaming of adventure on the high seas. Everything changes when he decides to “borrow” a treasure map from REAL-LIFE PIRATES! Johnny narrowly escapes the angry pirates, gathers the orphans, commandeers a ship, and sets sail for adventure. Now it’s sink or swim for Johnny and his band of baby-faced buccaneers as they navigate stormy seas, sirens’ songs, and shrieking serpents.

Blow Ye Winds Blow features a large ensemble cast with roles for children and adults. It’s ‘Oliver’ meets ‘Treasure Island’ meets ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ with music based on traditional sea shanties. It’s a whale of a tale that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

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