Grave Tales: Episode 28

Grave Tales

On this terror-inducing episode of Grave Tales, you will be thrilled by operatic songs, disturbing monologues, and dark comedy farces; All hosted by the maniacal serial killing cannibal clown Mr. Rictus Grins in our best of series classics!

"Repo: The Genetic Opera!" - Join us for two musical tributes to our annual shadow-cast performance of Repo The Genetic Opera! Watch as Shilo deals with the frustration and heartbreak of being a young woman in "Infected." Then stick around for night #2 when she lets her angst and teenage rage get the better of her in "Seventeen."

"The Thing In The Cellar" - A man recounts the bone-chilling tale of a young girl and the horrible eldritch abomination that stalks her from within the darkness of her basement.

"Glerrok: The Not Quite Omnipotent" – While searching through his dead uncle's apartment, a bumbling junky with little brains stumbles across the incredible: a gem capable of summoning the one, the only – and the not quite godly – Glerrok! Riches, love, and lust are all within the realm of Glerrok’s abilities to grant, but there is a deadly catch… So be careful what you wish for.

It's a night of infectious songs, cellar dwelling monstrosities, and wish twisting tricksters on this best of Grave Tales season finale!

Two show nights:
Friday, April 26 at 9:30 PM
Saturday, April 27 at 9:30 PM

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