Building Memories Art Workshop with Meike Aton

At Meike Aton Art Studio & Gallery 1200 E Woodhurst Dr K-300, Springfield, Mo 65804



Building Memories

Art Workshop

Thursday May 30, 10am-4pm


This workshop is specifically tailored for someone who requested help in incorporating old photos into the art. Instead of photos You can use an array of other materials:

Start collecting anything that connects you with your special memory. Photos, wrapping paper scraps, program flyers, event tickets, images from publications, your photos (or printed copies of photos), ribbons..



4 canvases:

two canvases should be 24x24, 24×30 or larger, I like 30×40, 30×30…

The other two canvases can be smaller 12×12, 11×14, 16×20, 18×24



Gel Medium



Acrylic paints only please. Basic colors, red, blue, yellow, (two or three hues of each) white, no earth tones.

If you are a beginner, use your 40% coupon at our stores to get a multi color set of ‘Liquitex’ Acrylic paints.

!!!Please do not use the stores own brands, I have no good experience with them!!



I like these, 3”, 2”, 1” white nylon



Date: Thursday May 30, 10am- 4pm


Fee: $95

Early sign up fee $89 good until May 15



Meike Aton Art Studio & Gallery

1200 E Woodhurst Dr K-300

Springfield, MO 65804




Please Feel Free to call with Questions.

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