SCT Presents: Death Valley: A Love Story

Death Valley

By Sandra Fenichel Asher
Directed by Alan Souza*
Featuring Andie Bottrell, Johnnie Angelia King and Sarah J. Wiggin**
Scenic Design by Amy Holland, Costume Design by Samantha Morrow
Lighting Design by Lou Schaeffer, Sound & Media Design by Rick Dines​

For SCT’s 25th anniversary, we reunite with long-time collaborator Sandra Asher to debut her newest play helmed by guest New York director Alan Souza. Death Valley: A Love Story tells the true story of Carol Emerson and David Nutter inspired by their journals and art. From the ecstatic days of new love to a life altering road trip through California to an unfortunate diagnosis, we join Carol through the peaks and valleys of renewed and dashed hope, the recognition of David’s fate and the journey that followed. Death Valley traces a course of a woman clawing to re-assemble herself into a new woman. A World Premiere production.