Studio 55 Presents: Artist Talk with Greg Chappell

Springfield Arts


Studio 55 Arts Guild Presents Featured Speaker: Artist Greg Chappell   
" Substrates for Acrylic and Oil Painting” 
National Avenue Christian Church Gallery
1515 South National Ave.​ Springfield​​
Greg Chappell, nationally known artist, will discuss a variety of substrates for painting in acrylic and oil paint. He will show several of his paintings done on different surfaces and cover some of his techniques of preparing a surface, painting in layers and sealing the final artwork. Bring your questions!
Greg, a member of Studio 55, is skilled in using water color, acrylics, and his preferred medium, oil, where he uses the Old Masters technique of layering colors. He has always been generous to share his knowledge and love of art with members of Studio 55 and we look forward to hearing about his recent paintings. He also periodically returns to his previous home of New Orleans to teach classes. He art sells in galleries and on his website: 
Greg offers lessons and lectures to a wide range of skill levels. Using his decades of experience studying the techniques and style of the old masters, Greg is a skilled teacher in the method of indirect painting as well as the foundations of drawing, anatomy, and composition.

Lessons are available in private or group settings at Greg’s home in Nixa, MO or at Splatter Art Studio in Springfield, MO.

To book a lesson or for more information, call Greg at: (504) 613-7810

Visitors are always welcome at our gatherings and we encourage you to join our guild for only $30 per year to support our projects, speakers, and other expenses. 

Members and visitors are encouraged to bring a piece of their art for "show and share" for the meeting. This could be a finished piece, or a work in progress. 

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