Studio 55 Presents: The Healing Power of Art

Joy Tate


December 11, 2019 Program 1:00 p.m
Featured Speaker: Joy Tate
"The Healing Power of Art ”
National Avenue Christian Church Gallery
1515 South National Ave.​ Springfield​​


Joy Tate will talk about the process of art for her and the healing components it brings for the people who engage in it as well as the people who share their knowledge and gifts. The goal will be to encourage people to remember what the love of art has done for them and to share that with others. Joy will show several of her paintings and some of the jewelry she creates.

Joy is an artist that dabbles in many mediums such as jewelry making and woodworking, but her longest passion has been for painting. Influenced by her artist grandmother, She picked up a brush almost 20 years ago and never stopped. Over the years her style has transformed greatly from experimentation in many different techniques and styles, but she tends to favor expressionism with bold colors that can be somewhat abstract fairy tale ideas. She draws much of her inspiration from the beauty of God's nature and the transformation that God has done in her life. She loves to paint flowers, scenes from the woods and the many majestic lakes that dominate her home state.
Originally from MN, she and her husband have been in Springfield a little over a year. She said: "Before moving here, one of my favorite art memories was being the director of an art program at a community wellness center where I was able to influence and inspire many people to bring different forms of art into their lives. I have a firm belief that with a little trial and error, art is a wonderful tool that can bring healing, fulfillment and enrichment to the lives of anyone. I am blessed an honored to have the opportunity to speak to this talented group of Studio 55 artists." Other achievements include 2 professional gallery shows one in 2016 and one in 2018 as well as being the recipient of the MN Heritage and Cultural Artist Grant in 2017.
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