Stonecut Relief Printing Workshop

Springfield Art Museum Workshop
  • workshop fee - $25.00

Full Description

Stonecut relief printing workshop
February 22.
Ages 14+
Price: $25
Participant capacity: 8

This workshop is an exploration of materials and techniques popularized by Canadian Inuit artists working in Cape Dorset. The workshop will provide the instruction to create your very own “stonecut”, a form of relief printmaking that is being used till this day by artists residing in Cape Dorset.
The workshop will begin with a gallery visit to see Pauta Saila's piece Birds Over a Stone House. From there we will talk briefly about the stonecut process; the remaining time will be for sketching/material exploration/printing. All levels of art are welcome, and no printmaking experience is required.
Recommended items not required: Simple drawing of what you wish to print (3”x3”), simple dust-mask, gouges (V and U work great), basic gloves, rotary tool if you wish to get experimental.

Required items: NONE