ArtCon 2020

ArtCon in Neosho

Neosho Arts Council is bringing ArtCon back with more pop culture excitement for all ages on February 8.  Last year’s event was so successful the group out grew their original location and will hold this year’s convention at Carver Elementary School in Neosho.

“With the larger space we are able to bring more professional comic artists, authors, and special guest Corin Nemec,” said Sarah Serio, president of the council. Nemec has appeared in tv shows like “Stargate SG1,” “Supernatural,” and more.

This year’s event is one of the group’s main fundraisers for their ongoing efforts to promote and support the arts in Neosho. The organization work includeds sending students on art field trips, free community concerts, and on going work to restore several historic murals.

“Even though ArtCon is a pop culture convention with sci fi, anime, and other fun genres represented we like to promote the connection this all has with the fine arts,” Serio said.

One way of doing this is by featuring two professional comic artists in their Big Spring Gallery. Original pages drawn by Phillip Hester and Jeremy Haun are currently on display. The exhibition of over thirty works from titles such as “Batman,” “Ant-Man,” and “The Realm” plus many more can be viewed Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm inside the Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce.

“These pages are the original pencil and ink drawings created by Phillip Hester and Jeremy Haun. You can open a comic book off the store shelf and find these exact drawings with color and words added,” Serio said. “These pieces have a unique place as the foundation of a comic books art and as standalone works of fine art themselves.”

Both Hester and Haun will be on hand during ArtCon on February 8. Other guests include artist Aaron Kuder and authors Kevin Dilmore and Dayton Ward plus a wide array of up and coming artists, independent comic book creators, regional authors, and vendors of everything from action figures to cosplay items.

Some of the featured events during the day will be a Q&A Panel with Corin Nemec and “YouTube VS Podcast” a panel looking into the benefits of both platforms, equipment needs, and answering questions. Panel Passes are needed for both events.

“Panel Passes are allowing us to keep our general admission prices low for families while giving those wanting to expand their ArtCon experience the option to,” explained Serio. “It will also guarantee you seating so you don’t stand in line only to not get a spot.” Seating is limited in both panels so pre-purchasing passes is suggested.
Other events include a cosplay contest for kids, teens, and adults, an ongoing Dungeon and Dragons game, and performance by KiRa KiRa, an anime cosplay group from Springfield, Mo.

General admission for ArtCon is just $5 (ages 5 and under free), Panel passes, Corin Nemec Autograph and Photo Op tickets are all on sale now a along with a full schedule of events and activities. ArtCon runs 11:00am to 6:00pm.

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