Women-Led Arts & Culture Initiative Will Bring Mural Festival to SGF in Fall 2020

Mid x Midwst Mural


A newly founded women-led organization, MIDxMIDWST Arts & Culture Initiative announces the organization’s inaugural event coming to Springfield in September 2020: MIDxMIDWST Mural Festival.

The festival will boast an intentional balance of local and external artists performing live mural art in downtown Springfield for this two-day event aimed at bolstering community identity and beautification efforts for the city. MIDxMIDWST aims to establish itself as the midwest’s answer to South by Southwest (SXSW) with a particular focus on public art and offers a new avenue for artists to provide value to travel tourism, enhanced walkability and community identity for city residents.

“Our community is hungry for more public art—for a visual experience unique to us.” says Meg Wagler, Founder at MIDxMIDWST. “As an artist and art director, it’s in my DNA to bring this to life and provide a cohesive initiative for our community to rally behind.  As Springfield navigates how to provide a visual identity for the community, this festival provides a vehicle to celebrate culture and the arts in real time. I’m excited and honored to help shape the narrative of who we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going.”

Community benefits from MIDxMIDWST:

  1. Annual mural and arts festival focused on large scale live art and entertainment

  2. Focus on diversity and inclusion through efforts to attract and retain a diverse community of artists

  3. Projected economic return to local businesses related to foot traffic and travel tourism

  4. Contemporary and public arts related residency program to launch 2024

A Call For Artists will be available starting March 2, and vendor applications will open June 1. For sponsorship inquiries and artist-sponsor information, please contact info@midxmidwst.com.



Born from the idea “Why Not Here?”, MIDxMIDWST was founded to promote and value public art as a strong economic impactor in the midwest. Focused on placemaking, inclusivity, and opportunity for artists, MIDxMIDWST aims to showcase local talents as well as invite outside talents to share our space for a truly inviting experience of entwined culture, history and progression. 


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