Supernatural: Live Parodies – "Dream a Little Dream of Me"



The Winchester brothers; born in Kansas and raised as warriors to combat evil forces of the paranormal, Sam and Dean seek to carry on their father's legacy: Saving people, hunting things, the family business.

Bobby Singer; a long time friend of the Winchesters, and a father figure to Sam and Dean, was out on his own case investigating a college professor who was performing a sleep study on some students.
Dean receives a call stating that Bobby was in the hospital in a comatose state that the medical staff can't explain. He went to sleep, and can't seem to wake up. Sam and Dean rush to the scene to make sense of it all.
After finding Bobby's notebook, the Winchesters come across a name that could possibly be a lead. A college student who goes by the name of Jeremy Frost, and who happened to be a volunteer for one of the professor's experiments on curing Charcot-Wilbrand syndrome; a condition that keeps one from dreaming while asleep. Dean goes to meet him where it's revealed that taking a certain yellow tea prescribed by the doctor can give its user incredibly vivid dreams.
Later, Dean meets back up with Sam who discovers that having dreams isn't the only use the yellow tea has. With a piece of someone, (ie hair follicle, sweat, saliva, skin cells, etc.) One could access another person's dreams. A key ingredient however, is an African Dream Root, and the only person they know who can get their hands on one is none other than Bella Talbot. A swindling thief and con artist who the Winchesters never wanted to encounter again.
The brothers come to the conclusion that they need to get into Bobby's head if they're going to wake him up. After calling Bella, she agrees to help for Bobby over an incident they had in Flagstaff some time before.
Sam and Dean drink the yellow tea and find themselves in the nightmare Bobby has been struggling with for days. Upon entering, they not only find Bobby fighting a horrible memory of his late wife being possessed by a demon, but that someone else is digging around in Bobby's noggin, and it's not just the Winchesters.
Will Sam and Dean wake Bobby up from his horrible nightmare? Is Bella really keeping her word by helping the Winchesters help Bobby? Will they be able to conquer the foe who seems to be Sam and Dean's very own Freddy Krueger? Find out in our next episode of Supernatural: Live Parodies at the legendary Nathan P. Murphy's in downtown Springfield! Come join the hunt with us!

Presented by A Class Act Productions



February 28, 2020

February 29, 2020



7:30–8:30 pm



Nathan P. Murphy's

218 S. Campbell Ave

Springfield Mo 65806



$12 at door or $10 on website



(417) 766-3139





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