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My name is Belinda Jensen Wood and I'm a Springfield native. I currently reside in Springfield with my husband Dwayne (also a Springfield native). We have one grown daughter. 

I attended local schools – Watkins Elementary, Reed Jr. High and Hillcrest High School, graduating in 1983. I also attended Southwest MO State University (now MSU), majoring in art education. While there, I took courses in various art mediums including: painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking and jewelry making.

While at MSU, I served for two years as the student director of the Student Exhibition Center, a gallery showcasing student and faculty artwork. I scheduled the exhibits, promoted the shows, helped with the installation of each show and supervised the staff (all students).

I'm a painter, and my favorite medium is acrylic paint. I love the vibrant colors and various textures you can achieve, especially on canvas. I mostly paint landscapes, some based on reality and some more on fantasy. Occasionally, I will paint an abstract. I just returned to studio work a couple of years ago after working and raising a family. 

I'm currently an active member of the Southwest MIssouri Art & Craft Guild and the Springfield Area Arts Council.

If you would like to find out how to help support my work as an artist, please visit my page on Patreon is a website where artists of all kinds show their work, tell their story, and find people who would like to pledge their support toward helping the artist continue creating. 

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My paintings come from my emotional side. I find that when I sit down in front of a blank canvas, how I begin is purely instinctual. My paintings always seem to begin with a base layer of color gradients. The mood of the painting is set by whether I paint with a warm or cool palette. My warm, bright orange, red and pink bases depict my more energetic, focused days. The blue, green and purple paintings reflect my emotional, moody periods.

My favorite subjects are landscapes and oceanscapes. I like to work in acrylics for the bright colors it brings to the paintings. For the most part I prefer to use course bristle brushes because I am an aggressive painter and softer brushes just don't hold up as well. I also like the brush strokes the course bristle brushes leave behind. I use of lot of color mixing and blending in my paintings to create softer textures and edges.

Recently I have discovered I enjoy painting on miniature canvases. Painting small birds is a great way to showcase the small canvas and fun to display. This is a complete opposite to the larger, more loosely painted canvases I also paint. I find the variation in styles challenging and enjoyable.