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Hello! My name is Angela, and I am a self-inspired, self-taught, creative being. I am also a busy wife and mother to five children (two have left the nest). I have been painting for eleven years now. It has been a journey thus far, and while I've always been a creative since a child, I saw myself leaning more toward writing and drawing than painting. Besides art classes in middle school, I didn't pick up a paintbrush until I decided to do something out of the ordinary to "impress" my guy. I bought some cheap materials from Walmart back in 2009 and went to work drawing and painting the logo for the Fighting Irish. I wasn't consistent with painting the first few years, but I did try things every once in awhile. As the years went on, I did a lot of commission paintings; however, it wasn't long before the joy and freedom of painting turned into work and stress after so many commission paintings. I wanted more from my passion. Since 2017, I have been on a mission of sorts. I have traveled down the road of experimenting with so many mediums, styles, copying works from favorite artists for fun, and getting so frustrated at times because I just didn't know where I was going with this passion and God given ability of mine. I have been all over the place with wanting to paint everything in sight, to not knowing why I even bothered trying to live the dream of an artist. It wasn't until 2018, that I finally felt a confidence in my ability to create with an inner emotion and intensity that I had never had before. An obsession that was/is fueled by my own creative mind and abilities and not fueled by the pleasing people game or trying to mimic someone else's art. I believe an artist is always inspired by other artists and it's normal and necessary to try to learn from others, but I also believe that there needs to come a time that you find your style, search for inspiration on your own, and tap into the deep parts of creativity that can't be copied because it's your story and your interpretation of life. I don't see painting as just a hobby anymore; it is a desire, a profound longing to dedicate myself to my craft as much as possible. I am blessed and beyond grateful to continue to create without restraint.

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The journey is most definitely the treasure. I’m not where I want to be, but looking back, I’ve come so far.