Moxie Cinema launches visual literacy field trip initiative for SPS 3rd graders

Moxie Cinema


Over the next two weeks, third-graders from 10 different Springfield Public Schools will visit the Moxie Cinema for a customized visual literacy experience.

The program, designed in partnership with SPS educators, will give 400 students the opportunity to develop critical visual literacy skills, highlighting that the images they see daily, whether on television, in video games, or online, are created with intention and designed to convey specific meaning.

“We specifically chose 3rd grade because that is the year every student gets a Chromebook as part of SPS’s IGNiTE program,” said Mike Stevens, Executive Director at the Moxie. “With more time in front of screens, both consuming and creating visual media, it seems the ideal time to provide these kids with strategies to critically assess and decode what they see, ultimately developing more thoughtful viewers of media.”

Using a combination of curated short films, discussion and group work, these 90-minute workshops challenge students to become ‘Image Detectives’ by introducing and exploring three film making techniques: color, camera shots, and sound.

“This partnership with SPS allows us to extend our community impact by expanding our education program,” said Mark McQueary, Moxie Cinema Board Chairman. “At our core, the Moxie exists to enrich our community through film and its power to engage, educate and inspire, and we are excited to host these young people at the theater, hopefully sparking a lifelong appreciation and deeper understanding of film.” 

The Visual Literacy Experience program addresses several third grade learning standards, making it both an educational and entertaining hands on experience, while also providing local students with a meaningful arts experience. It is being offered at no cost to schools, thanks to a grant from the Springfield Regional Arts Council and financial support provided by members of the Moxie Cinema.

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